Wide area network fundamentals

In a LAN, computers are connected together within a "local" area for example, an office or home. How are Networks Categorized? Networks are usually classified using three properties: Topology, Protocols and Architecture.

Wide area network fundamentals

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Network Fundamentals

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Figure – Example of a Wide Area Network As shown in Figure above, the ISP serves as a network that covers a specific area and interconnects different local networks, such as between a home office and a branch office of the same company, or a branch office and a .

This course provides a comprehensive overview of digital and analog transmission. The course discusses fundamentals of voice, video and data processing, client-server architectures, Open Systems Interconnect model (OSI), Network Components, Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN), and cutting edge technologies.

Network Fundamentals – Network Types. Networks are classified into two major categories – LANs and WANs – based on the devices and areas in which they interconnect. Local Area Networks.

Wide area network fundamentals

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