Team case essay

Give us an example of a situation in which you displayed leadership. The following essay was submitted to the Berkeley MBA program by our client. The client was accepted to the program.

Team case essay

In his first year, he exceeded the expectations of most analysts and fans by leading the team to an appearance in the National League Championship Series. First, he devotes significant time to developing strong relationships with his players through open and honest communication on a regular basis.

Second, he focuses not only on the outcome i. By keeping things light and fun, Maddon believes that players will be more relaxed and perform better on the field. In fact, the Cubs take less formal batting practice than any other team in the league.

For example, he has used pitchers like John Lackey as a pinch hitter in a key extra- innings situation with the game on the line. He has used pitchers to play field positions, and he rotates his position players to other positions. Maddon is willing to go against the grain if he feels that it can help the team win.

What types of management skills does Joe Maddon use as the manager of the Chicago Cubs? How does Joe Maddon carry out the four management functions as the manager of the Chicago Cubs? How does Joe Maddon apply contingency theory of management in his job as manager of the Chicago Cubs?

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Team case essay

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