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Proxy research paper

History[ edit ] The methods of healthcare planning and tools of advanced preparation have changed dramatically over the years. The concept of durable power of attorney arose in Virginia in for the purpose of setting property matters. This allowed for a continued existence of power of attorney following the original person losing capacity to carry out the necessary actions.

This concept evolved over the years and inthe President's Commission for the Study of Ethical Problems in Medicine and Biomedical and Behavioral Research addressed this idea as one of great potential in the healthcare industry.

This commission also stated the possibility of abuse as a noted concern going forward. In response to this commission, there was an evolution of this concept throughout the 's and the 's that eventually led to all states in America having a healthcare power of attorney statute by Some forbid the appointment of treating physicians as the healthcare proxy.

In any event the agent is recommended to be someone close to and trusted by the primary individual. In the absence of a power of attorney, a legal guardian must be appointed [8].

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Legal guidelines[ edit ] Healthcare proxies are permitted in forty-nine states as well as the District of Columbia. The common guidelines include: Name and address of an alternate agent. Duration of the proxy — not indicating a duration means it is valid unless stated otherwise.

Special instructions — these can broaden or limit the powers of the agent. If the patient doesn't want to be on feeding tubes no matter what, this can be stated here.

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If there are certain treatments that the patient does not want to receive like dialysis or blood transfusionthen they must be indicated.

However, if the patient wants to give the agent more flexibility with some or no restriction, this must be written. Name, date and signature of the primary individual.

Instructions on tissue or organ donation. Two adult witnesses must sign the document stating that they have witnessed this agreement and that both parties appear to be sane.

The witnesses must be 18 years or older. The agent and primary individual do not qualify as witnesses. Presence of a lawyer - such a person may help in drafting a document tailored to the needs of the primary individual. Once signed, copies of the form must be given to health care providers, the agent, spouse, and close friends.

A copy should also be carried by the primary individual in wallet or purse. Powers and limitations[ edit ] The agent is empowered when a qualified physician determines that the primary individual is unable to make decisions regarding healthcare.

The agent may be granted the power to remove or sustain feeding tubes from the primary individual if these tubes are the only things that are keeping the primary individual alive.

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The agent's decision should draw upon knowledge of the patient's desire in this matter. If the primary individual made his or her wishes clear on the proxy form, then they must be followed despite any possible objections from the agent. Although physicians are allowed to deliver life-saving treatment in emergent situations, in non-emergencies, the it is determined if the patient has the ability to then appoint a healthcare proxy.

United Kingdom[ edit ] In England and Walesan independent mental health capacity advocate may be appointed under the Mental Capacity Act ; the provisions made in the same Act for a lasting power of attorney may also provide a satisfactory basis for providing care via an attorneywho does not require to be professionally qualified.

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Proxy research paper

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