My opinion on the government in the future

So what do we do about that divide? And what if the problem isn't evenly distributed across the landscape or within a party, but pools and concentrates in certain spots? Do journalists go to those malignant spots and fight? If that happened, would the press know what to do?

My opinion on the government in the future

Comment on Biosolid fertilizer usage June 4th, at The story I linked above says 4 million dry tons of biosolids would be used that year by US farmers.

June 4th, at At the waste treatment plants, the solid waste is separated from the liquid waste. The solids are chemically treated to kill the most threatening bacteria like e coliand then shipped away and sold to farm operations.

As a kid, we used to dig around in the pasture where the waste ran off from the outhouse. The worms could be found in amazing abundance. Reply to Comment Comment on Amish to government: Nothing wrong with spreading human manure on pasture, hay, and other field crops.

Air and sunshine are two of the best disinfectants ever created. Reply to Comment Comment on Amish to go June 4th, at Maybe it would have to be cooled in a tank or drum first.

Back in the outhouse generation, did everyone use outhouses, or just country folks? Then it went to septic tanks, and now a lot of places are connected to sewer systems.

Get The Wall Street Journal’s Opinion columnists, editorials, op-eds, letters to the editor, and book and arts reviews. Beyond Distrust: How Americans View Their Government. Broad criticism, but positive performance ratings in many areas. Overview. A year ahead of the presidential election, the American public is deeply cynical about government, politics and the nation’s elected leaders in . Rhode Island's state budget is meant to be a plan for today and a road map for the future. It details how state government will spend the money that hardworking Rhode Islanders remit from their.

Should septic tanks and outhouses be 50 feet or more away from a well? Makes me wonder what is next on the list… Reply to Comment Comment on Amish to government: The biggest issue is contamination by e.

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Good composting gets hot enough,long enough, to kill pathogens. Third world countries have some pretty nasty diseases affecting people where there is poor water and sanitation control. Villages, towns, cities, etc.

Though even in those areas you could use modern composting toilets effectively and safely. We all have septic tanks in this area, but just down the road lots of farms have…. But I do think that we need the oversight and regulation of the septic tanks where we live closer to each other in town.

Reply to Comment Comment on Amish to government-: Outta my outhouse June 4th, at Outta my outhouse A few yrs ago, here in the south, human waste was distributed in a powdery dry form and was experimentally used on hay and farm crops.

Reply to Comment Comment on I'm on here during a break June 4th, at Feb 01,  · Government had no role in my late-term abortion struggle. Let's keep it that way.


Brie Loskota, Opinion contributor Published a.m. ET Feb. 1, | Updated a.m. ET Feb. 1, This year, even after student aid, I faced a $47, bill to attend Duke University. My turn to porn to close the gap was so famous, in part, due to my reasoning.

Opinion: read the latest events, editorials, and journalists opinions on Zionism, Jewish Peoplehood, and their personal opinion about life in Israel. The federal government does have a role in local policing, primarily through the provision of federal funding for law enforcement for a variety of programs such as crime deterrence initiatives.

Nov 14,  · The Welsh Assembly Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has questioned the “competence, capability and capacity" across the system to digitise healthcare services in Wales after an inquiry uncovered a “raft of problems”, from delays in the .

My opinion on the government in the future

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My opinion on the government in the future
Chomsky: Government in the Future.() One of the most important talks in my opinion : chomsky