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This system divided 25 million people into these estates very disproportionately. The first estate contained only one hundred thousand people, which was only a fraction of a percentage of the population.

Image audit of olav thon real essay

Ilya Nikolayevich Ulyanov, a man with high cheek bones, a dark complexion and dark brown eyes, all of which Lenin inherited, was Lenin? Lenin overall had a good childhood. He liked to play chess, swim, hike, and hunt. Although Lenin had no close friends, he did look up to his brother, Alexander, a great deal.

When Lenin entered school inat the age of 9 he became a brilliant student and this was acclaimed to a teacher who came into the Ulyanov home before Lenin could enter school, and taught him to read by the age of five.

Image audit of olav thon real essay

The death of Alexander came as a great blow to Lenin. During the fall of that year Lenin was admitted to Kazan University to study law there.

Three months after Lenin had settled in Kazan he was expelled from the University for joining in a student meeting protesting the lack of freedom the students were given in the school. Over the next three years Lenin tried many more times to regain admission to the university, but was unsuccessful on all attempts, until when he tried to gain acceptance to St.

He was admitted as a student but he was not, however, permitted to attend classes, though he would be permitted to take the examinations after studying on his own. In after studying Image audit of olav thon real essay his own and taking the final examinations Lenin received a law degree from St.

Petersburg University and united with a law firm in Samara. While still in university Lenin was introduced to the works of Karl Marx, Marx being a major contributor to the Communist Philosophy. In early Lenin became part of the Social Democratic band, a Marxist establishment.

In the latter part of that year Lenin reallocated to St. Petersburg and got a start on his revolutionary career. Petersburg Lenin found that the quality of leadership came to him easily and he quickly became the leader of a Social Democrat group.

Lenin came across as a bright intelligent man. In Lenin was banished to Siberia, after being held for questioning for more than a year, after he was caught by the Czar? As banishment to Siberia did not mean confinement and Lenin took advantage of his freedom by carrying on his propagandist writings and also wrote one of his more dominant accomplishments, The Development of Capitalism In Russia During the span ofwhile Lenin was in expulsion from Russia, a collection of concealed Russian Marxist groups allied to form the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party.

In the ensuing period following Lenin? The following year the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party broke into two separate, equal, collectives over a contention about party membership.

The Bolsheviks desired that membership to their party be confined to a small member of full-time revolutionaries. The other group, The Mensheviks, which translates to The Minority, desired that party membership be less restrictive and did not prefer a dictatorship, as the Bolsheviks did, but rather to practice more democratically.

Just as all this was taking place a vitality of insurrection was taking place across Russia fronting the Czar Nicholas II.

Image audit of olav thon real essay

The Russian people wanted land, higher wages, and increased political rights including a legislation. When they reached the palace the Czar? By the fall of a full strike of nearly all workers stupefied the country compelling the Czar to give the people a Duma, which is a lower level Parliament.

By the end of mammoth strikes commenced and was followed by a brimming revolution to which the Czar quickly put a stop to. After this Lenin found it quite arduous to proceed with revolutionary actions in Russia and exhausted most of his time from until publishing radical leaflets and attending party congress in England, Germany and Sweden, chiefly with the intentions of keeping the party together, but also to expand the distance between the Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks alleging that the Mensheviks did not want revolution.

As Lenin was in Austria at that time, the Austrian government arranged for Lenin to be transported to Switzerland who did not participate in the war. It has been noted that many extremists desired a victory for Russia, but it has also been noted that others wanted peace lacking a victory for any one country, but a victory of peace for all involved.

Lenin, however, desired that his country suffer a defeat, and that would bring about revolution in the country. During the war Lenin and his cause were aided financially by the German government, by performing this the Germans felt that they were eroding the Russian war endeavor.

By this time most of Lenin?Image Audit of Olav Thon Real Estates THE IMAGE AUDIT Corporate Communication ? Describe your organization and do a mini-SWOT analysis of it. Olav Thon Eiendomsselskap ASA was founded and given its present structure in The company is a part of the Olav Thon Group.

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Essay, Research Paper. Image Audit of Olav Thon Real Estates. THE IMAGE AUDIT. Corporate Communication ? Describe your organization and do a mini-SWOT analysis of it.

Olav Thon Eiendomsselskap ASA was founded and given its present structure in. The company is a part of the Olav Thon Group.

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