Guinea fowl farming business plan free

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Guinea fowl farming business plan free

Flip Shares 6K Guinea fowl can be sort of an exotic addition to a homestead. You will hear many glamorous things about them.

Read all about that on Do Guineas Eat Snakes?

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They are somewhat easier on your land. Though they will still dust bathe and peck at your garden veggies if given the chance. Really- read the comments- lots of great information there! Guinea Fowl Are Loud Let me say that again.

Sometimes this is spun as a positive. And to an extent that is true. Guineas will alert you to strange dogs, people and cars coming on to your property.

But they will also alert you to the fact that a door just slammed, the wind blew, or a car drove by a mile down the road. They also have a habit of moving as one solitary unit. Where one goes, the others go.

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It is actually sort of fascinating to watch, but when one guinea gets separated from the flock? Guineas Can Be Bullies All birds have a pecking order. When you have new additions there will always be a period adjustment while they figure out the new order.

And if you thought this was a tough process to watch with chickens, you will be amazed with guineas- these guys are mean! The guinea fowl figured out their own pecking order eventually but be prepared for a longer adjustment if you have other birds as well. Our guinea fowl were raised from keets with chicks.

They were together from the beginning. When we added the young birds- both guinea and chicken- to our mature flock the usual fight for top bird began. They were afraid to go into the coop at night once the guineas were in there. Half the time we let the guineas roost in the trees just to give the chickens a break.

Which leads me into my next point… Make your homestead dreams come true! Guineas Love to Roam I recently shared my thoughts on free range chickensbut I assume if you want to purchase guinea fowl it is mostly for their tick-eating tendencies. They are free range birds and they take it to the extreme.

I am here to warn you, even if you do that, they might still have trouble coming home at night. Once they are comfortable with being outdoors they will start pushing the limits. They will cross roads, bother your neighbors, terrorize the horses down the street- all while screaming and squawking.

They might come home and night, they might not. They might go into their coop or they might find the tallest tree imaginable and fly and jump their way to the tiny top branches.

They Will Brood and Breed So if you have survived the first few months with guinea fowl and you make it to laying season, you will begin to notice small speckled eggs in your nest boxes Yes, you can eat them. Either that or you will notice some of your guinea hens are all of a sudden missing.The guinea fowl are poultry birds originating from Africa.

Many poultry farmers in Africa are doing Guinea Fowl farming business successfully, mainly for profit. The Guineas are also sometime called as guineas, pintades or were actually wild birds and the modern birds are the domesticated form of the helmeted Guinea Fowl.

Sample Poultry Business Plan – Business Plan For Poultry Farm Do you need a business proposal for poultry farming? Here is a Chicken Farm Business Plan. Need. A pig farm is one that specializes in raising pigs or hogs for bacon, ham and other pork products and may be free range, intensive, or both..

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guinea fowl farming business plan free

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Here is a Chicken Farm Business Plan. Need.