French where you live essay

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French where you live essay

Student Answers ik Student My ideal city or town is actually very similar to where I am actually living right now. It's a quiet city, except for the trains that come once a week or so.

The community is very active and pet friendly. There is public parks almost everywhere, good schools. Excellent homes, and there is actually quite some free land.

Now onto what my ideal city or town would be. I would suggest that the city or town have a lot of fun places to go, like go-karting, paint balling, and games like that. It'll bring a lot of people together and spend more time outside then inside. There should be pet stores, and a daycare for those who are in need of food for their pet or somewhere to leave their pet while they go on a vacation.

Good daycare for children's too so their parents could rest. They should have wifi everywhere, like they do in some country [Taiwan]. The wifi doesn't have to be super fast, or even regular speed. Just enough to get to a webpage within 1 minute. There should be sports team, which is very important.

They should have competition once in a while. The city or town can't be too big. There should be a variety of public school where they are able to learn for free. There should be a church where people can attend to worship. One big thing that I would list is the place has to be very quite.

Also not filled with a lot of people, max capacity of the place should be 30, This is a huge idea from me, which many people will disagree is that that the city wouldn't have that much technology.

Yes maybe the wifi is the best the technology can get. Since, I want my ideal city to be addicted to technology free. People these days are very addicted to technology and I don't want my city to be the same. I want the city to be different with a good feel of safeness and feeling that people around you care for you.

This will make the people who live in the city make each other feel more respected and will make them get a chance to care about each other.

French where you live essay

I'm pretty sure everyone's ideal town would be different in most of the way. Since we react and feel things in life differently.At the end, you talk about dietary changes to help people medically. It sounds like you’re unsure of the value of these dietary changes – like you might be triggering orthorexia by suggesting dietary changes.

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