Evian marketing communcation campaign

The basic process of marketing communication in International Promotion are as follows:

Evian marketing communcation campaign

Social Media —New Era of Marketing. The conservative rules of marketing are being challenged by the generation which is more knowledgeable and is always looking for new avenues to gain more of it. There is a new breed of internet users who are pushing all limits of expectations and magnanimously accepting the digital changes.

Coca cola has more than 49 mn fans on Facebook. Social networking is beyond cultural and geographical differences. According to comScore whitepaper, inTwitter was used as a central means of communication during events of worldwide and national significance, ranging from political uprisings in the Middle East to disasters, such as the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Evian marketing communcation campaign

Any organization aspiring to survive in the current times cannot afford to ignore these statistics. And those planning to succeed must strive to understand this new hybrid element of the promotion mix inside out.

Social media marketing usually means the use of internet based resources via broadband or mobile devices to promote, advertize or communicate. Facebook, twitter, orkut, MySpace, youtube, linkedIn, Evian marketing communcation campaign and blogs are some very prominent examples of social media.

There are many factors contributing to the success of marketing through social media such as unlimited accessibility and interactive mode of communication.

Response and feedback about a product is almost instantaneous and transparent and hence it helps companies to innovate and provide what is exactly in demand. Relatively small expenses incurred in social marketing has made it a preferred choice for big and small businesses equally.

Evian marketing communcation campaign

Advantages and disadvantages of social media marketing Like all other tools of promotion, social marketing also has some inherent advantages and disadvantages. Though the success of some of the latest social campaigns is celebrated, one has to be cautious about the threats as this is a completely new medium of communication in the marketing world.

Some of the most lucrative advantages of social marketing that makes it a very relevant marketing tool in contemporary businesses are listed below: The visibility of the product and the organization increases manifold on internet based resources. Cost effective and high return on investment — The cost of marketing digitally is apparently negligible vis a vis any other marketing tactic such as a television or print commercial and translates into a higher ROI.

This is extremely lucrative for small companies with slim marketing budgets. The number of potential customers that can be tapped using the same campaign in practically unlimited.

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Interactive communication- The impact of consumer to consumer and consumer to marketer communication is phenomenal. Also, the feedback and response in almost instant unlike traditional methods of advertising where the marketers had to wait for a complete purchase cycle to receive the feedback about a new product.

Dynamic advertising — Since the cost of technology is not very high, the promotions can be customized and updated frequently according to the changes in the market.

In fact, it is highly important to keep the content relevant and updated to maintain high interest about the campaign. The world of social media is full of promises for the businesses but there are certain disadvantages lurking in the background.

However, these are perceived risks which can be handled tactfully to reap the full benefits.

Evian is a French brand of mineral water coming from several sources near Évian-les-Bains, on the south shore of Lac Léman. This time, Evian is promoting the Live Young spirit with an immersive brand experience that allows consumers to become a part of the new campaign and show that youth is not just a question of age but (also and) more importantly, a state of mind. Preserving water natural resource locally and elsewhere in the world. Collaborating with local partners to preserve the evian natural resource; Protecting a sustainable resource. Web based and social media marketing campaigns constitute industry benchmarks. Because the brand is so universally recognized throughout the world, little if any audience building is necessary.

Technological know is imperative to create and manage social marketing. Coupling creativity with technology is an important challenge for the organizations working to enter the new zone. Since social media platform is open to all, there can be instances of unreasonable customers and negative publicity.

Pepsi- Refreshing the world of marketing Pepsico, a market leader in food and beverages industry, is present in more than countries with 22 brands. High standards of ethics and integrity have made Pepsi a synonym for diverse and inclusive work culture translating into quality productivity.

Pepsico is committed to delivering sustained growth through empowered people acting responsibly and building trust Pepsico, Pepsi ads are globally applauded by the youth for energy and vigor. The main idea behind the campaign was to provide financial aid to those passionate about bringing a positive change in the society.

Within 97 of the top local media markets covering the campaign, there were 3. Refresh project had a multidimensional effect on the image of the organization.

It reiterated its commitment towards sustainable growth and created a top of the mind recall for the brand. This was using brand dollars [in] the belief that when you use these brand dollars to have consumers share ideas to change the world, the consumers will win, the brand will win, and the community will win.

Pepsi understood that engaging customers especially the youth in a social media project will help creating a consumer friendly brand. Though the success of refresh project did not translate into increased revenues for Pepsi, but that is something which was not actually targeted by the campaign.

The company considered this an investment to recreate brand awareness and foster a strong and trustworthy relationship with the customers.Evian Marketing Communcation Campaign Essay Amongst the many new marketing communications campaign introduced in , one particularly obtained the audience’s attention worldwide and became an instant success.

In July , Evian launched the “Live Young” campaign. TV commercials and magazine ads appeared, and viral videos were. Evian Marketing Communcation Campaign Words | 7 Pages many new marketing communications campaign introduced in , one particularly obtained the audience’s attention worldwide and became an instant success.

Jul 08,  · Marketing objectives: To justify evian’s premium status. Evian is 3 times more expensive than other brands of spring water in France.

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The gap can be even broader in the rest of Europe, e.g. in the UK, Germany and Belgium. 2 Comments on “The Evian Rollerbabies Campaign”.

From a campaign’s launch to its close, you need to maintain steady communications to engage supporters and attract gifts. This means you have to deliver the right content, to the right people, at the right time—and through the right channel. Belgique; Nederland; België; Schweiz; Deutschland; Suisse; Eesti; United Kingdom; España; Россия; France; Украина; Luxembourg > International version.

Research strategies in the field of election campaign communication research refer to the decisions made concerning the objective, the scope, the sampling and the methodology used within a study.

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