Ecommerce product description writing services

Product Page Conversion Element 1: Social Proof When customers arrive on a product page, one of the very first things they see are those yellow stars showing just how much everyone likes or dislikes the product. Before people have even thought much about the price or how much they need the item, they see what other people think.

Ecommerce product description writing services

This means I will show you only what matters. Ranking 1 would result in an extra 2, visitors per month. If you sold many types of gymnastic rings, you could use that keyword as your category.

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SEO is a machine that pushes qualified traffic into your store. Traffic that puts money in your pocket. Your aim should always be to increase the authority of your store, so you can rank all your pages better. But knowing where to start is a huge help! Focus on your category pages first, and this is why: Customers love to have the freedom to choose and explore their purchase.

They want to see multiple products at different prices, with some good options. This can also help increase your AOV average order value across your website. So setting up category pages with a high ranking keyword is something that will work well for the optimization and the authority of your store.

To do ecommerce SEO right, you must learn all the basics of it. They want to get straight into executing a link building strategy without taking care of the on site SEO foundations.

Common problems include having a site that: Screaming Frog is a tool you can use to crawl your entire site as if you were a Googlebot. But trust me, this tool will pay for itself with how much of an advantage it gives you.

Once the crawl is finished, export the results.

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To make the exported file simpler, I will first filter the results by HTML, so I can get only the pages and ignore the Javascript files and images, among other things- What you see in front of you will be the dashboard to fixing all of our on site SEO problems.

That is when 2 or more pages have the same or very similar content.

ecommerce product description writing services

This is often the cause of ecommerce SEO penalties like Panda and is one of the biggest negative SEO signals a site can have, so I like to take care of duplicate content first. Although Screaming Frog is great at finding duplicate content I actually use a second free tool alongside Screaming Frog to make sure I go deep and catch everything.

So first let me show you how to find duplicate content with Screaming Frog. In this case, we can see the main cause of the duplicate content issue is the use of parameters- Drilling down into this specific issue further, I can see that if they applied correct canonicalization tags — that would go a long way to fixing the issue.

Siteliner will take a few minutes to analyze your whole site and give you a set of results. Even though the tool analyzes you up to URLs for free, it still gives a simple panoramic view of the internal links of your store. In the case of Chubbies, they seem to have many problems, so I clicked on the second link, and then on the link at the end of the message.

Once you do that, you will be shown the complete list of URLs organized by the number of words matching, the percentage, and the pages the content matches with.

To see what pages each URL matches with, click on each result. It looks like during their Black Friday promotions they created lots of landing pages with very small variations which resulted in huge volumes of duplicate content.

Those duplicate pages should have had the noindex tag applied to them. If you optimize your site by clearing out your duplicate content you have ticked off one of the key factors. Much like in the example above that had kits if different versions of the same URL- https: To find whether your pages have canonical tags on them or not, go to the URL tab.

The pages with empty spaces have no canonical URL tag associated with it, which makes them more likely to have duplicated content. Export the results and make sure to associate one URL with each page shown. Missing or Duplicate Title Tags Title tags are without a doubt the most important on-site element of your website.

You need to make sure none of your title tags are missing or duplicated. With all these pages, you want to add the respective title tags. Export the results, and with the pages that have duplicate title tags, make them unique. If you want to keep things looking clean in the SERPs, limit yourself to 65 Gail Oliver, Online Small Business Consultant.

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Well, first you make sure that you have all the necessary elements of a product page to begin with. From there, you can update and optimize.

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