Database case study project

The University has more than 5, separate utility accounts and thousands more campus sub-meters used to recharge individual departments. Utility usage is tracked on a campus-by-campus or department-by-department basis, obscuring the relationship between consumption with expense. Campuses use a variety of methods to track and recharge utilities, many of which are antiquated and unwieldy.

Database case study project

Animal records are kept locally at zoos and data is not collected in a standardized fashion to monitor for CVD-relevant trends. To remedy this, GAHP disseminated a standardized submission form to serve as a guide for more focused examinations and postmortem evaluation.

However, the existing cardiac exam database consisted of manual maintenance, sharing and data aggregation of digital and hard-copy spreadsheets, shipped to and stored locally at Zoo Atlanta, and did not employ any software solution to manage data collection, storage, or secure sharing across numerous institutions and SMEs.

The Great Ape Heart Project, on a quest to understand the underlying causes of CVD, required a platform for identifying disease patterns across a global population of apes.

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Development of an effective approach to diagnose, treat and monitor heart disease in apes is limited by the lack of a centralized system that organizes data coordination, inter-institutional sharing and ensures data security. Knowing about their experiences and outcomes was not only reassuring for us, but it also meant that Prelude had a deeper understanding of our needs than other companies that have not dealt with zoos or the veterinary community.

While species-specific users would encounter a registry filled only with those apes applicable to their expertise, the managers at GAHP would have access to a cumulative registry of all great apes in all taxa or filter by species.

The initial database would be prepopulated with historical data from multiple existing sources both digital and hard-copy. Additionally, the database would allow cross-taxa CVD data input and analysis that could be maintained by Dr. Danforth for years to come.

Danforth and the GAHP team to customize a database that allows SMEs, cardiologists, pathologists, advisors and researchers to access species, institution, and ape-specific exam and pathology data in a single registry.

The customized database allows users to create and maintain cardiac exam and pathology data, upload massive ECG and other medical test files, which are stored and accessible in the system, summarize health data, transfer apes and their data between institutions, record and automatically link familial relationships, and generate search and ad-hoc reporting functions, all while facilitating clean and standardized data in real-time.

Database case study project

The database was initialized with existing cardiac exams and pathology data through a custom-built studbook and historical data uploader. When the GAHP Cardiac Registry launched, it had records from 69 institutions covering individual apes and representing all four relevant species, including over three decades of global cardiac exam data for living and deceased apes — from a newborn orangutan to a year old bonobo.

Medical exams can be created on-demand with a single click, and encompasses echocardiogram, electrocardiogram, blood work and anesthesia records. Authorized users have the opportunity to upload images, videos, and other files, and record detailed heart health information directly in VISION, at the time of exam or after.

Uploaded material can be viewed or downloaded with the click of a link. Lab results from each exam are compared to preset lab normal ranges and out-of-range values are flagged, allowing the veterinarian to determine clinical significance.

The necropsy data collection section includes multiple forms that collect data consistent with a typical workflow, and populates a report with basic demographic information, familial history of the disease, other possible causative zoonotic diseases, summarizes information from the last three exams, and allows the veterinarian to provide additional information, including the upload of files, and address the pathologist directly.

Additionally, the necropsy report lists archived or frozen tissues or slides and their storage location for future analysis. Interactive graphs allow examination of different factors influencing the health of an individual ape in comparison to a particular species or to all apes in the system.

Additionally, designated users can create ad-hoc reports to further examine the data, which is available globally, 24 hours a day. Lab results are compared to set normals and outliers flagged for analysis. The Great Ape Heart Project Cardiac Registry launched in February and is poised for growth as data is expanded for the existing registered population and new institutions and apes are added.

The system enables users to distinguish and examine data trends to report on emerging cardiac health patterns in localized and global populations, and anywhere in between.Case Studies Topic: All Administration & Monitoring Cloud Data Warehouse Embedded Hadoop High Availability Java LAMP Memcached Microsoft SQL Server Microsoft Windows Migration MySQL Cluster MySQL Enterprise Edition Partitioning Performance & Scalability PHP PostgreSQL Replication SaaS Security Support TCO Savings Virtualization.

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Cases Database would be a really good source for students to find case reports. Because the resource is limited to cases and everything in it is peer reviewed, this database could be very helpful in this scenario. Case Study Database. Search. Keyword. Evaluation () Humayun’s Tomb—Sunder Nursery—Hazrat Nizamuddin Basti Urban Renewal Project in Delhi, India: Aga Khan Development Network: Asia A new report applies a theory of time and value in philanthropy to three real cases, to see how a foundation could decide whether to operate with a.

Database Design and Development Examples. View the full BFI case study. Read more about the Scottish and Newcastle U.K. project.

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To find out more about our database solutions and how they can help your business, please contact us. This page is managed by John Archibald. Jan 20,  · The Great Ape Heart Project, quest to understand the underlying causes of cardiovascular disease in great apes, needed a robust data management system.

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