Career reflection

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Career reflection

Career reflection

Careers Steve Johnson Career Reflection: Computer Engineering I have been thinking of becoming an engineer for most of my life. My interest in computers developed when I first saw a window operating system at my school back in 5th grade. I first enjoyed playing games on the computer but then I came up with the idea that I would be fun to do something meaningful with computers that could become a career for me.

I started to work on the computers at my school and soon I requested my father to buy me a computer for my personal use. This was when I was in the 8th grade.

I started to learn to do picture editing with the help of Paint it program that is embedded in the windows operating system. At this point I was not aware of what exactly I wanted to do with computers. Gradually I started to search for material on the internet and in my school library that lead me to the conclusion that I wanted to become a computer engineer.

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I wanted to do computer engineering because I was interested in learning about the computer hardware and as well the software.

There we many problems that lead me to think that I may not be able to do computer engineering. The first was the issue with finding experts related to computers. The computer teacher at my school and then my college were not well aware of the functioning of the computers.

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They had only basic bookish knowledge that they used to teach computer as a subject only. I had to rely on the internet and my personal interest to find different ways of learning the computer hardware and software.

I used to read about what Microsoft and Oracle companies were doing and how people are working in the field of computer engineering and earning good salaries.

Career reflection

After my college years I was clear that I wanted to become a computer engineer and this is the field that I chose for my further education. As a computer engineering student I am now aware of many fields that are related to the profession of computer engineering.

I have to be good in carrying out tasks related to monitor computer programs, be able to install and update sophisticated software, be able to solve problems related to the errors produced in the operating systems or the software installed, be able to know about the functioning the hardware of the computer system like setting up servers and networking related task and a lot more thing that would assist me in carrying my duties efficiently.

I have been focusing on learning computer languages so that I am able to do computer programming in the future and am able to develop software on my own and as a part of a team.

The computer engineering field is very rewarding. I was listening to a speech by President Obama a few months ago and he stressed in the importance of learning computer coding. He said that in the future each and every person irrespective of the field he is working in must be able to code.

There are thousands of jobs arising each year that need the applicants to be able to program and know about the computer hardware.

If you go to a job searching website and look for the package that are offered to computer engineers, you will be surprised.

There are many more advantages to be a computer engineer that attracts many more people like me to this field and I enjoy being in this field and wish myself luck for the future.End of Semester Reflection.

Category: Experiential Learning The close of the semester is always a time for finishing projects, studying for finals, and spending time with friends before the long break ahead. Engaging in self-reflection is critical because it enhances your ability to make informed, practical career decisions now and in the future.

There is no “right way” to engage in self-reflection. Below you will find essential components of the process. Internship central > Reflecting about your experience Reflections and learning from an internship experience In experiential learning and internships, the real learning comes after the work term when you have an opportunity to think about what you saw and experienced.

Self-Reflection- I chose this article because it was one of my very first career journal assignments and I ended up really enjoying learning about it.

In the next 10 years this is projected to be the one of the most fastest growing careers. Career Skills Thinking About Your Career This page helps you learn skills that will help you manage your career more effectively.

Start by understanding how to set career direction, play to your strengths, and shape your worklife for maximum success. Move on to finding out how to get ahead, and then discover how to deal with the many.

The MSCI reflection activity may be completed individually, in groups, or with the assistance of a career counsellor or career teacher.

The development and trialling of the MSCI will be outlined in this paper.

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