Bmw value chain

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Bmw value chain

I own a BMW brand vehicle with the following characteristics and mileage: Respected gentlemen representatives of BMW: Is this the true quality that the brand BMW sells to users, world wide or this quality is only for Latin-America?

If your answer to this last question is positive, it is better to evaluate the purchase of a vehicle of another brand that does not represent paying for a service as expensive as the value of the car every 48, kilometers.

Bmw value chain

Thank you for your attention. We hope for clarity in this matter and a proposal for a solution to our problem. Today which is day four, I had the misfortune of having the vehicle breakdown on me at the Quill BMW showroom car park area.

This does not augur well for my confidence in your brand nor does it do your reputation as a premium car manufacturer any good. While at Quill automobiles today my car refused to start with warning signs on the Bmw value chain stating vehicle stabilization failure.

I notified the sales agent who promptly called a technician who tried to reset the car battery but this did not work. I have had to leave the vehicle which is being towed to the nearest workshop. Clearly quality has declined over the years to make way for vehicle sales volume leaving customers like me in this situation.

I really have no confidence to drive this vehicle again fearing this may happen at an awkward location. As a company what can you do to reassure me that I have not made a wrong decision to purchase your brand. It was brand loyalty that brought me back to you having owned E90 i, F30 d and E36 — in the past.

My family own the i and a F30 i as well.


I am wondering if my brand loyalty has been misplaced? I would like to hear your views preferably from a senior member of your team. I am a member of Malaysian Medical Association and wish to highlight to the association that this has happened and as doctors we need to reconsider associating ourselves with the BMW brand — clearly reliability is in question.

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I appreciate your prompt feedback to this incident. I also wish to note the poor quality of after sales service from BMW Malaysia. If I was a few seconds late it could have devastating. WE all including my family were really horrified.

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BMW must investigate considering it a safety issue. It is not a malfunction issue, it is issue of life and death as my fuel tank was full of fuel. My car have an issue with engine and they refuse to receive the car unless I signed agreement that I will not complain if they delaying the repairing because the car will be in queue for more than 15 days.

Brad Huestis Reply I ordered a i xDrive convertible with a sport package, performance tires and a top speed of mph. It was delivered without performance tires and a top speed of mph. Now BMW and Mr.

I am a Zimbabwean citizen and due to the economic challenges the country is facing I am having challenges in maintaining the vehicle. Since I love BMW so much I could not sell it and decided to park and preserve it in case i may be able to service it fully.

I love the car so much because to me, a BMW is the definition of driving! Any possible assistance in parts or any kind would be a life changer for me. Please keep it up BMW, you are the best and will always be. I also satisfied for BMW representative car maintenance shop service.

ButI was quite surprised and unbelieved today about the shop service when I returned my car for 80,km routine maintenance. It is really against my cognition of German mentality. I am disappointed very much about BMW Taiwanese maintenance service manner. There are no SOP to follow but depends on each shop itself.

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