Athletes overpaid 2

Are Professional Athletes Overpaid?

Athletes overpaid 2

I will not deny that these athletes put in countless hours of work and dedication; however, I will argue that their salary is entirely too large. In the market, athletes are paid what they are worth, but with the world we live in today it just does not seem right.

In an article written by Steven Resnick, he claims professional athletes are not overpaid by arguing that they make lifelong sacrifices and risk injury every time they fulfill their duties.

I can think of a countless number of occupations who are required to deal with this daily—police officers, firefighters, and military workers.

In fact, President Obama, who is leading our country and working to fix our economy, makes four hundred thousand dollars a year. This is less than the salary received by a rookie Major League Baseball player Bhagat.

Resnick argues how hard athletes have to work to stay Athletes overpaid 2 shape, the risk of death at a young age, and the violence of the game.

Does this make it justifiable for professional athletes to be handed millions of dollars? Professional athletes choose to dedicate their life to athletics and collect an average salary of over a million dollars because of the profitable business they are a part of. I feel the business has misplaced their values.

With people risking their lives daily overseas and dealing with more hardships than athletes face, the reasoning behind why athletes are paid so much is questionable. In the world we live in today, professional athletes are overpaid Bhagat.

With a suffering economy and people devoting as much time to their jobs as athletes, I would say it is not fair.

Their compensation does not reflect the work they perform. This was the highest of the major sports leagues in the United States.

Bryant receives per minute something hard working people strive to achieve for months. Teaching is crucial to our economy. We rely on teachers for our education which helps lead to a successful future Bhagat.

What does each basket scored by Kobe Bryant do for us and our future? It sure does not teach us anything important. My point is that professional athletes do nothing for the average person except provide entertainment. It is sad that they are worth so much in the market, but there is nothing that can be done to fix this problem.

Tyrus Thomas, Bobcats (overpaid by $12,459,225)

Some people devote their lives to serving others and will not receive half as much as a professional athlete. Success is driven by the work efforts one puts in. Professional athletes spend countless hours working out and staying in shape for the season, but they were also blessed with incredible talent.

Yes, many believe offseason is the time of year when athletes spend all of their not-so-hard-earned millions and go out and party.

Athletes overpaid 2

However, that is clearly not the case. By this statement, what makes athletes differ from every other hard working person in the world? Most occupations require a year round commitment. People in the U. Military and Armed Forces need to stay in shape to serve our country and conquer the tasks they are faced with daily.

In my opinion, the work they put in is probably more difficult than spending time working on your game in the gym. Also, serving in a war is scarier than playing in the Super Bowl in front of thousands of screaming fans.

Professional athletes are not the only ones working hard in the world; however, they are the only ones getting paid several millions of dollars for their work.

Every time an athlete steps out onto the court or field, they are at risk for serious injury. However, keep in mind the military officers who are stepping out into a war zone or firefighters stepping into a burning building.

Some of these injuries can take over a year and a half to heal, some heal rather quickly, and others cut their careers, and profession, short.

Professional sports are hard hitting and dangerous; this is an unavoidable aspect of the sports. Other sports, such as baseball, basketball, hockey, and soccer all sacrifice their bodies for entertaining fans.Athletes Overpaid 2 Melvin Garcia 07/19/ Written Analysis #3, Chapter 4 I.

Athletes overpaid 2

Introduction Thesis Statement: Professional athletes who perform solely for society’s entertainment are undeservingly overpaid for their talents. In order to determine the most overpaid professional athletes, 24/7 Wall St.

reviewed the value of professional athletes as well as the average salary each player made. Considering their value to society they are way, way overpaid.

We somehow value people who produce nothing, playing a game, much more than the people who teach our children, police are communities, protect us anyone who actually works productiv.

Nov 10,  · Okay so why is it that foreign exchange students come over here and take an American HS student vs an Japanese or Chinese or Hong Kong etc and I will. April 13, English Composition 2 Argument Essay Are Professional Actors and Athletes Overpaid?

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In this essay I will explore a much debated topic in this country pertaining to the undeniable fact that professional actors and athletes overwhelmingly get paid much higher than the average American.

Athletes Are Not Overpaid, Stop Whining About It I completely agree with this.


Athletes are paid what the market Carnivals and Links, Week of 8/8/ – Don’t Quit Your Day Job - [ ] “Athletes are Not Overpaid.

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