An exposition from a conversation with william stafford

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An exposition from a conversation with william stafford

The chosen and chastened son. The suffering and glorified one. Throughout Genesis, we see that people in general consistently failed to trust and obey God e.

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Genesis also records what God has done to encourage people to trust and obey Him. It is only by living by these two principles that people can enjoy a relationship with God and realize all that God created them to experience.

On the one hand, Genesis reveals much about the person and work of God. This revelation helps us to trust and obey Him. It is through His personal revelations to the main characters in Genesis that God revealed Himself initially e.

On the other hand, Genesis reveals much about the nature of man. Not only did God reveal the perversity and depravity of man, but He also identified many positive examples of faith and obedience in the lives of the godly.

In Genesis we learn that faith in God is absolutely essential if we are to have fellowship with Him and realize our potential as human beings. Faith is the law of life. If one lives by faith, he flourishes, but if he does not, he fails.

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The four patriarchs are primarily examples of what faith is and how it manifests itself. In each of their lives we learn something new about faith.

Abraham's faith demonstrates unquestioning obedience. When God told him to do something, he almost always did it. This is the most basic characteristic of faith. That is one reason Abraham has been called "the father of the faithful.

Isaac's faith helps us see the quality of passive acceptance that characterizes true faith in God.

An exposition from a conversation with william stafford

This was his response to God's two revelations to him Sometimes Isaac was too passive. Jacob's story is one of conflict with God until he came to realize his own limitations: We can see his faith in his acknowledged dependence on God. God's seven revelations to him eventually led him to this place Most believers today can identify with Jacob most easily, because we too struggle with wanting to live independent of God.

Joseph's life teaches us what God can do with a person who trusts Him consistently in the face of adversity. The outstanding characteristic of Joseph's life was his faithful loyalty to God.

He believed God's two revelations to him in dreams Patient faith and its reward shine through the story of Joseph.WILLIAM R. ATKINS, was born May 23, in Lafayette township, Floyd county to John A. and Emma Jackson parents were natives of the same township.

His grandfather, Harvey Atkins, was a native of Nelson county, Kentucky and was among the early settlers, coming to Floyd county when Indiana was still a territory. Optasia Library Christian Ministry Resources for the Blind This page updated, October 31, Index. Bibles English Language Bibles Hebrew and Greek Bibles.

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