Agnes repplier essays for scholarships

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Agnes repplier essays for scholarships

Intercollegiate Studies Institute, Who remembers Agnes Repplier? From her first essay in to her death in this half-Southern Catholic woman produced some of the most admired prose in America. Repplier offers an embarrassment of riches for the editor.

She wrote memoirs of convent life, biographies of missionaries, histories of laughter, of tea, of her hometown Philadelphia. She has a remarkable disinterest in her own life—is it aristocratic restraint, or democratic humility?

The mob is a maneater, an illicit mixture of incoherent desires, maintained by a despot who squats half-afraid on top of them. Her metaphor concentrates meaning, but it also diffuses the resentment into classical allusion—the terrifying crowd suddenly seems a little quaint, like one of bedroom shadows that fairy tales warn us about.

Chesterton, all of them delighting in irony, paradox, and upending conventional wisdom.

agnes repplier essays for scholarships

Surely Repplier would not have been so easily forgotten if she were a man. But more than that, her subdued rhetorical tone helped her to disappear. We tend to only remember the grandiose, outsized personalities from this period of literature.

But Horace is certainly an ideal. He refused any trendy extravagance in style but did not disavow his reading and cultivation, just as Repplier strove to write a plain yet allusive English.

But Horace was stained by history. As Repplier knew, Wilfred Owen had turned this schoolboy Latin into a bitter poem, decrying the naive idealism that sent millions to their deaths in the trenches of World War I.

She leaves the line for the very end of the essay. It is typical of Repplier that a personal metaphysical hope only emerges in discussion of a Latin poet. She is not arcane, but her steady references to Charles Lamb and William Hazlitt, to Edmund Spenser and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, rely on habits of reading that are mostly gone.

This is not to mention her habit of using English nobility as an inventory of moral examples.

25 Agnes Repplier Quotes To Set Yourself Free

Who can blame her? Essays are conversations in monologue. If her conversation sometimes appears strewn with knick-knacks of the nineteenth century, so much the worse for our illiteracy. The idea that literature stores and transmits stuff has always been popular.

But books are also not a junkhouse of odds and ends. Great writing manages something more than references.About four years ago, the conservative Intercollegiate Studies Institute released a collection of her essays titled, American Austen: The Forgotten Writing of Agnes Repplier, with an introductory essay by John Lukacs taken from his book, Philadelphia, Patricians and Philistines, Agnes Repplier's biography and life Repplier (April 1, – November 15, ) was an American essayist born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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agnes repplier essays for scholarships

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